Waste Diversion in the News

Waste Diversion in the News

Partners in Project Green’s waste programs continue to facilitate the exchange of ideas to help our members reduce, reuse, and divert waste. Check out some of our highlights throughout the years!

If you have questions about any of the events featured on this page, please contact Darlene Coyle at Darlene.Coyle@trca.ca 

2023 Recycling Collection Drive Results Are In!

December 2023

CEC: Circular Procurement Essentials Workshop

November 2023

Recycling Collection Drive 2023 Was a Success

October 2023

CEC: Circular Economy of Textiles Webinar

August 2023

CEC: Plastics Recycling in Canada Webinar

July 2023

CEC: Tour of Longo’s Near Net Zero Store

June 2023

Clean Up at Toronto’s Taylor Creek

June 2023

Stacked Cubes of recyclables

CEC: Telling Your Sustainability Story Webinar

May 2023

CEC: Tour of TELUS Smart Waste Systems

April 2023

reusable tote bag

Combating Climate Change with Circular Economy

April 2023

CEC: Celebrates Completion of Year One

March 2023

Recycling Collection Drive Exceeds Expectations

December 2022

CEC: Quantifying Emissions Impacts Webinar

November 2022

Waste Sorting Bins

CEC: Tour of Seneca College’s Waste Systems

October 2022

PPG’s Consortiums Tour ZooShare

September 2022

CEC: Tours GFL Waste Management Facility

July 2022

2021 Material Exchange Results Are In

December 2021

Single-Use & Takeaway Items Reduction Strategy Report

May 2021

White and Green plastic bottles and cups

The Future of Plastic Waste Management

April 2021

Purple Fabric packed in plastic bags

2020 Material Exchange Results

December 2020

Plastic trash

Canada’s Single-Use Plastic Ban

October 2020

Is your organization looking for help finding a new home for materials? Contact the Material Exchange program for details.