Water Stewardship

Discover smart solutions for effectively reducing your water footprint and increasing resiliency to climate change.

Across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond we are faced with increasing frequency and intensity of storm events brought on by climate change and a stronger urgency to better protect and conserve our freshwater resources. Businesses of all sizes and sectors have a unique opportunity and role to play in mitigating and adapting to climate change through sustainable stormwater management and conserving freshwater through water efficiency and treatment solutions.

Whether you’re a large manufacturer with a high land and water footprint or a small processing facility, Partners in Project Green (PPG) can support you in finding solutions that help the environment and save you money through protecting your assets and reducing utility expenses.

Our Program Areas:

building with grass in front

Learn about the business case for green infrastructure in mitigating climate change.

Read about how we piloted the GCG program in TRCA’s jurisdiction.

Learn how green infrastructure can mitigate flood and extreme heat risks.

Learn about your Region’s water efficiency programs and incentives.

Learn about the negative impacts of road salt and ways to reduce.

handful of microplastics

This partnership is reducing floatable debris in the Toronto Inner Harbour.

For more information, please contact:

Chaya Chengappa at chaya.chengappa@trca.ca