Waste Diversion

Prevent and divert waste, lower costs, support the environment and local communities

Managing waste sustainably is beneficial for all businesses regardless of sector, size, or location. It is also beneficial for the natural environment and mitigating climate change. Through waste prevention and diversion, businesses can reduce costs associated with disposal and procuring new products. When we divert material for reuse, repurposing, remanufacturing, and recycling, we minimize the need for resource extraction to make new products and avoid GHG emissions associated with landfilling material.

Sustainable waste management is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly business strategy that also benefits the wider community. By diverting otherwise wasted goods to communities in need of reuse, or to innovators turning waste into new resources, businesses are supporting the circular economy.

Beginning your sustainable waste management journey can be daunting. Partners in Project Green is here to help. Through high quality programming, access to a wide network of experts and peers, and opportunities to collaborate on something bigger than themselves, businesses can choose the impact they want to make.

Our program areas are continuously evolving to find ways to help businesses across the GTA improve on how they manage waste and achieve their waste reduction and diversion goals. Stay tuned for more exciting program offerings in Waste Management from Partners in Project Green.

For more information about our current offerings or if you are interested in discussing potential new program opportunities, please contact: chaya.chengappa@trca.ca