2021 Material Exchange Results

The Material Exchange program supports the exchange of materials within the Partners in Project Green community. This program diverts waste from landfill, reduces disposal costs for businesses and advances the circular economy. Businesses and non-profit groups connect with Partners in Project Green staff about any material they would like to offer or receive. From there, our team facilitates introductions and connections between organizations to complete successful exchanges. Items that are no longer needed get a new life, instead of ending up in landfill.

In 2021, the Material Exchange program successfully facilitated 34 circular economy exchanges diverting over 22,000 kg of material from landfill in 2021, valued at over $1M dollars.

Please see below for a list of some materials that were diverted so far this year:

  • Office furniture
  • Reusable face masks and other PPE
  • IT equipment
  • Ice packs
  • Medical equipment
  • Ladders
  • Textiles
  • Christmas lights

2021 highlights include:

  • The exchange of 80,000 reusable face masks from Air Canada to Scadding Court Community Centre, to be used in their community sewing programs and provided to people in need.
  • The exchange of 3,000 pounds of textiles from an Ontario Green Screen TV production to the Bloor Improvement Group for use as insulation in artist studios.
  • The exchange of hundreds of pieces of furniture from the City of Mississauga Central Library to a variety of community-based organizations for reuse.

If your business or organization comes across material that you no longer have a use for, please contact exchange@trca.ca to see what we can do to assist. This service is available to all Partners in Project Green Members and you never know what can be reused and repurposed!

Want to learn more about how PPG is supporting the circular economy? Read about the new Circular Economy Leaders Consortium.


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