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Circular Economy Leaders Consortium Celebrates the Completion of First Year! 

What is the Circular Economy Leaders Consortium?  

Looking to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and implement a zero-waste strategy? Join Partners in Project Green’s Circular Economy Leaders Consortium (CEC) today!  

Doing so will provide growing opportunities to learn from waste management experts and other businesses on how to reduce and divert waste in facility management and operations while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Whether your organization is just starting out or implementing the next phase of your zero-waste strategy, collaboration with others will only make it easier! 

Members of the CEC receive exclusive access to virtual education sessions, facility tours, and round table events to share knowledge and facilitate collaboration among its members.  

Accomplishments and Highlights 

On March 7, 2023 the CEC celebrated the completion of its first year! In this time, we have worked with 12 member organizations to deliver 228 learner hours. Out of these members: 

  • 84% reported to have gained new knowledge through participating in the Consortium. 
  • 69% reported high rates of collaboration with other members. 
  • An average of 82% highly rated the CEC education sessions, tours, and round table discussions.  

Hear from our Members 

The Circular Economy Consortium provides a wonderful opportunity to share best practices, learn about new systems/technologies, and network with professionals in multiple sectors.

Lisa Vanlint, University Health Network 

I personally really enjoyed the in-person facility tours at the Toronto Zoo and Seneca College. They provided great opportunities to not only expand my knowledge, but also to connect more with the CEC members. Specifically, at the Seneca tour I learned more about how other organizations gather, manage, and analyze their waste data.

Emma Wosik, TELUS 

Being able to share best practices across ICI peers. Learning from stakeholder groups we wouldn’t normally have access to. Seeing facility operations that are progressive.

Eric Meliton, Wilfrid Laurier University 

I really enjoyed the guest speaker from ECCC about the SUP ban. The last session about life cycle analysis was also great and very pertinent to our current projects. Our climate team also really enjoyed the bio-gas plant tour.

Jad Robitaille, Air Canada.  

Contact Program Manager, Chaya Chengappa to learn more.