People Power Challenge 2021

August 1 – October 31, 2021

Energize your Employee Engagement Program

The People Power Challenge is an easy way for organizations of all types and sizes to drive sustainability action and engage employees, wherever they are working.


Health & Wellbeing | Plastic Waste Reduction



People Power Challenge participant takes part in local recycling drive

sustainable alternatives to paper towels

rain barrel

People Power Challenge participant conducts a waste audit

sustainable home cleaning products

People Power Challenge participants take part in litter cleanup




1 on-demand educational webinar    1 live interactive virtual event    1 online scorecard of sustainable activities that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals    3 resource-packed newsletters    Prize packs to reward your employees    Communications templates & implementation support


2 peer-to-peer learning sessions to share engagement best practices with other participating organizations    1 Impact Report at the end of the Challenge    Recognition for your participation


1. Turn-Key Program
Our team will provide you with posters, communication templates, a list of actions, resources, and everything you need to successfully deliver the Challenge to your teams!
2. Increased Environmental Awareness
Through newsletters, webinars, and interactive events, your team will have the tools they need to expand their sustainability knowledge!
3. Gamification
Throughout the Challenge, organizations will be competing for points. Each activity will add to your company’s total score — which means more chances to win great prizes, and the opportunity to be crowned the winner of the 2021 People Power Challenge!
4. Peer to Peer Learning
As your organization’s Champion, you will have an opportunity to join virtual roundtable sessions serving as a forum for all Champions to discuss their experiences in the Challenge, best practices, any challenges you may be facing and tips on how to keep your teams engaged and excited!

Partners in Project Green Members: $2,500
Non-members: $3,750


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“This year’s People Power Challenge has encouraged our team to think about sustainability while they are at home. The Challenge has been a great way for individuals to get their children involved in thinking about sustainable actions, and the educational webinars have provided our team with information and actions that they can commit to both at home and at work.”Diana Aldaz | Events & Sustainability Outreach Coordinator | University of Toronto Mississauga

“2020 has been a difficult year filled with many changes and challenges. The Partners in Project Green team took on that challenge and adapted their turn-key sustainable employee engagement program — People Power Challenge — to include both at home and at work actions for employees to participate in. This in turn became a great tool for the City of Mississauga to use to continue engaging our staff and our Green Leaders in taking sustainable action at home or at work. We look forward to the 2021 People Power Challenge!”Heliya Babazadeh-Oleghi | Environmental Outreach Coordinator | City of Mississauga