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Welcome to The Champion Portal!

Hello, Champions! This portal page gives you access to the resources you need to successfully deliver the Challenge to your teams in one place. Things like:

We will update this page as we have more information, so please check in regularly throughout the campaign.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Ozit Bittner

Champion Rewards

The People Power Challenge wants to recognize all the work that you as Champions do by offering prizes for the effort you put in to help make PPC a success. Win any of five possible $50 gift cards exclusive to Champions only.

Newsletter signups – the highest number of signups to the PPC Newsletter by August 11 (in advance of the first newsletter release on August 12) We have a Winner!
$50 gift card – Nature’s Emporium
Green Living at the Village – In-Person Event at Black Creek Pioneer Village on August 25 – the highest number of employee participants $50 gift card to the Book Wardrobe
Fall Tree Planting at Conservation Drive Park September 26 – the highest number of employee participants $50 gift card to Terra Greenhouses
Key Activities – Social Impact – the highest number of submissions by October 28$50 gift card to Peace Collective
Key Activities – Climate Action – the highest number of submissions by October 28 $50 gift card to The Truth Beauty Company

Promotional Resources

PPG has assembled a collection of internal and external communication tools for all participating organisations. The copy and templates shared below are for you to use, modify or inspire you to create your own messaging.

Communication Templates (feel free to make changes to the text accordingly):

  1. Introductory E-Blast – This e-blast provides a brief introduction to the program, encourages your team to subscribe to the weekly newsletters, and participate in a kick-off event (should you opt to throw one).
  2. Social Impact E-Blasts for Social Impact and Climate Action– This copy will help you easily promote and explain each of the two campaigns for 2022. It provides details on what to expect, where to find more information and information on the in-person event for each campaign. There are also templates that a senior manager can share on their personal social media account(s) announcing your organization’s participation in this year’s Challenge
  3. Social Media Posts: Some suggested copy that will help you share the news of your team’s participation in the People Power Challenge and make it easy to implement. Please remember to use these with your personalized social media frames located on your individual Champion page. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PPC2022 and earn points!
  4. Poster (to flatten the PDF once it’s filled in, click File, Print, and then choose Adobe PDF as the printer. It will save as a flattened PDF. )

Event Information

Green Living at the Village – In-Person Event at Black Creek Pioneer Village on August 25

Discover how our past relationship with the land can shape an eco-friendly future. Explore the good and bad of the 19th century. Encounter a time where single-use was a rarity and a stronger connection to the land was vital to success. Identify the surprising polluters of a bygone age – how golden wheat fields and picturesque country mills harmed local ecosystems. Uncover how the past teaches us to use less and rethink our relationship with the land today.  Participation in this event will secure 500 points for your team.

Join us on August 25 for a private pre-opening tour (9:30-11:00 am) at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Once the tour ends, you can choose to stay in the village and connect with GTA’s cultural heritage (additional 150 points per attendee on the Activities Scorecard).

Registration will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Registration link will be shared shortly. The deadline for registration is August 11.

PPG Community Planting Event – Saturday, September 24

This year’s PPG Community Planting event will bring together the PPG community to spend a morning dedicated to enhancing our local environment! Participation in this event will secure 500 points for your team.

Date: Saturday, September 24
Location: Conservation Drive Park in Brampton.
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Registration: Please confirm your participation and team count by Tuesday, September 6. Each team is guaranteed up to ten spots. Registration and release forms will be provided shortly.

Campaign Checklist – What You Need to Do

During the Campaign
  • Send campaign launch e-blast to staff/team participants
    • Remind them to sign up for the PPC Newsletter
    • Log in to the PPG website and add contacts to your group and make sure they login themselves (if you have a long list, you can send them to or ask for a csv template to fill out and we’ll upload them for you)
  • Put up posters in public spaces
  • Post your participation on social media
  • Host a PPC Launch Party and share a webinar link for those who could not attend (PPG can help with this. Email and we can present a PPC orientation presentation)
  • Register participants for the two in-person events (Green Living at the Village and Tree Planting)
  • Encourage employees to complete scorecard activities and send photo proof
  • Celebrate employee actions by sharing photos via intranet, social media, or other platforms
  • Track scorecard activities
  • Distribute prizes to reward staff for participating
  • Share success stories and campaign impact Final report (PPG staff will send to Champion)
  • Host a wrap-up celebration if desired

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Ozit Bittner

PPC Timeline

  • August 4: Peer-to-Peer Learning Session – 2pm
  • August 9- September 16: Social Impact
  • August 25: Green Living at the Village
  • September 19- October 28: Climate Action
  • September 24: Tree Planting
  • November 30: Final Report

You can also make your own calendar with this fillable calendar

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Consent for Digital Images

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Scorecard and Team Status

Please select your logo to transport to your personal scorecard reporting page. These pages are locked and require a password to access. Please connect with if you do not have your password or if you misplace it (or wish to change it).

Here you will see the same items that are on the PPC Activities page, only here you can follow the instructions and upload all image files, input any reporting, or answer any questions to give you points. Please ensure that the correct images/files are associated with the matching activity. The files you upload must be in the formats listed and should have any special characters in the title (other than underscore or hyphen). You can submit your form(s) as many times as you wish (or is permitted) throughout the duration of the program.