People Power Challenge 2022 Activities

Activate Scorecard

These actions are team related and should be completed prior to the program start dates as well as during the campaign.

Subscribe to the Bi-Weekly People Power Challenge Newsletter (50 points per subscription)

PPG will distribute an exclusive People Power Challenge newsletter every two weeks, providing fun and educational resources, highlights from participants, quizzes, event information and much more!

Engage Your Team with the PPG (50 points per new contact login)

Ensure your staff have access to PPG Member resources and perks! Add other employees to your company profile on the PPG website, up to the maximum number of Members included in your Membership. If you have a large list, PPG can upload it for you via CSV. Email us at for directions.

Send Out an All-User E-Blast (250 points email)

Send out an organization-wide email to share the great news that you are participating in this year’s People Power Challenge! Also acceptable: post about the People Power Challenge on the home page of your intranet. There is an email template in the Champions only section of the website.
Download Template:

Post Your Participation on Social Media (500 points per post)

Post on your social media that your organization is competing in the People Power Challenge. Use the Social Media Template (link below). Include a photo and tag TRCA on Twitter or Linkedin.
Download Template:
Tag TRCA:,
Use Hashtag: #PPC2022

Attend TRCA Events/Webinars (150 points per registrant)

Grab your colleagues and attend TRCA/PPG events throughout the duration of the competition – the more individuals who attend from your organization, the better! This applies to virtual and in-person events.
Link to Events Page:
Link to PPC Event Registration:

Successfully Refer an Organization or Individual to Become a PPG Member (750 points per referral)

Encourage another company or individual to join Partners in Project Green as a member. The more the merrier! Loop us in so we can help.
Link to the Membership page:
PPG Contact: Ozit Bittner at

Update Your Sustainability Board (250 points)

Whether it is a cork board or digital screens, take time to update your organization’s sustainability boards to share the People Power Challenge with your staff. There are poster templates in the Champions-only section of the website.
Download poster template:

Social Impact at Home

Buy Local, Seasonal, and Fairly Traded Foods

Buying local supports our communities, helps the environment, and contributes to a healthier lifestyle by adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Upload an image of your purchase(s).

Take Part in Local Decisions (150 points per entry)

On October 24, 2022, the Province of Ontario will hold a Municipal Council and School Board Election. Become civically engaged by learning about who is running, understanding their position on things that matter to you, and participating in the electoral process.
Attend a municipal campaign event, get to know candidates in your riding, and make your vote count.
Upload a selfie at an event or share a screen grab showing something you learned about your municipal candidates.

Volunteer at a Community Based Organization (150 points per entry)

In every neighbourhood, there are those in need of support, whether it is monetary, mobility, or other forms of care.  Learn how you can help your neighbours by getting involved:
1) Learn where your local Food Banks and/or Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities are
2) Volunteer your time
3) Champion a donation drive
4) Provide financial support for a local organization
Upload a selfie of yourself donating your time, support, or financial aid to those in need.

Learn about Canada’s Indigenous History (150 points per entry)

Increase your Indigenous knowledge or engage in hearing Indigenous stories and voices. Read a book, visit an Indigenous site, or take a course on Indigenous history.
Upload a picture of yourself reading a book by an Indigenous author or visiting and supporting a local Indigenous group or program.

Learn about the Land you Live, Work and Play on (150 points per person)

Learn more about the land that you inhabit, its history, and how to be part of a better future.
Enter the name of the Indigenous territory you live on

Learn about the Importance of Bodily Autonomy (150 points per entry)

Learn how body autonomy is more than a “”woman’s issue”” and how it affects marginalized people at a higher rate. What is body autonomy and what does it mean for individuals? How can these issues affect us locally and globally?
Upload a selfie while watching a film or reading a resource that talks about bodily autonomy.

Learn about Privilege (150 points per entry)

“Privilege” refers to certain social advantages, benefits, or degrees of prestige and respect that an individual has by virtue of belonging to certain social identity groups. Review the provided resources and think about how your privileges impact your life.
Upload a selfie while reviewing one of the provided links.

Connect with GTA’s Cultural Heritage (150 points per entry)

Visit Black Creek Pioneer Village (BCPV) and/or the Kortright Centre for Conservation and connect to local heritage or conservation lands in the GTA. Members of Partners in Project Green (PPG) plus 4 guests (up to 5 people) can visit Black Creek Pioneer Village or Kortright Conservation Centre for FREE from July 1-Sept 5. Just share proof of employment at the gate.
Upload a photo of yourself at KCC or BCPV
Note: All PPG visitors who wish to take advantage of this special pricing must complete their booking in person at BCPV and reserve online at KCC when they choose to visit. All visitors must show proof of employment at a PPG Member organization.

Explore your Neighbourhood (150 points per entry)

Explore your neighbourhood and visit a community-based initiative (e.g., Community Gardens, local bike paths and trails, Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plans areas).
Upload a photo showing you exploring your community or taking part in a local SNAP program. Research local initiatives and visit them. Check to see if you are part of a SNAP area.

Re-Purpose Unused Items (50 points per entry)

Have items you no longer need, or need something you don’t have? Keep items out of landfill and join the gift economy by joining your local Buy Nothing group!
Upload a photo of the item you gifted or received

Pursue EcoSchool Certification (50 points per entry)

EcoSchools Canada works to nurture environmental leaders, reduce the ecological impact of schools, and build sustainable school communities. Find out if your local schools, school boards, or districts are members of EcoSchools and if your schools are certified.
Upload a screenshot of the email sent to council or a photo of your meeting.

Discover and support local equitable companies (50 points per entry)

Support businesses owned by visible minorities, LQBTQ+, Indigenous peoples and women.
1) Shop local. The money you spend stays within the community.
2) Support marginalized groups. Help fight generations of inequality, systemic racism, and sexism.
3) Support innovation. Some of the most iconic and innovative products were started as small local businesses.
Upload a photo of your purchase or share a screenshot of your review supporting a local business.

Help a neighbour in need (50 points per entry)

Discover how you can help your neighbours and community in simple ways like mowing a lawn, getting groceries for those without a car, helping with childcare, or listening to someone’s story.
Tell us what you did to help a neighbour in need.

Random Acts of Neighbourly Kindness (50 points per entry)

There are all kinds of things you can do to bring more kindness into your neighbourhood. Here are four ideas to get you started!
1) Buy someone a coffee behind you in the line
2) Create a Little Free Library or find one in your neighbourhood or add to one that already exists
3)Clean up your neighbourhood
4) Become a mentor.
Tell/Show us what was your random act of kindness.

Social Impact at Work

Host an event for Global Goals Week (250 points)

Host an event at your organization for Global Goals Week – an annual week of action, awareness, and accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals taking place between September 16 -25. This is a fantastic opportunity to share the SDGs with your staff and how participating in the People Power Challenge is helping people take actions towards the goals!
Upload a photo of your event.

UN SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals
Participate in National Flight of the Monarch Day (250 points)

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, communities and organizations across Canada will come together for a day of summer fun to celebrate one of North America’s most cherished insects!
Flight of the Monarch Day is a nationwide event to recognize the iconic monarch butterfly. Join the network of communities across Canada and be part of the movement to protect and raise awareness for the monarch butterfly. Upload a photo of your event.

Start an Employee Food Garden** (500 points)

Give your employees an opportunity to plant, maintain, and harvest from a company garden. Company gardens enhance sustainability, improve employee health and wellness, attract and retain high-quality candidates, give back to the local community, and garner positive press.
Upload a photo of your company garden.

Donate from your Employee Food Garden to a Local Food Bank (500 points)

Part of volunteer engagement is giving back. Giving back to the environment can come from starting a food garden. Giving back to the community can come from sharing your bounty with those less fortunate. Show us how you take your company food garden even farther by giving a portion of your produce back to those who need it.
Upload a photo of your donation to a local food bank

Promote Professional Development (500 points)

Job satisfaction rises when people are confident in their abilities and when they feel like they are being invested in. Review your learning and development policies and employee time spent in learning and development activities and show what is working and what can use some tweaks.
How many hours are allotted per employee for professional development?

Develop an Employee Volunteer Program (500 points)

Celebrate the skills and talent of your colleagues by developing a program to allow staff to volunteer at local non-profits or other organizations during company time. This not only helps employees improve their skills and feel good about themselves but also strengthens the work of other organizations, helping them to achieve their missions.
What steps have you taken to create a volunteer policy or program?

Demonstrate Employee Volunteering in Action (500 points)

Already have an Employee Volunteer program in place? Fantastic! Share your policy or program details, or an image of volunteering in action.
Upload an image of your team engaged in your corporate volunteering program or a copy of your employee volunteer policy/program.

Use Local and/or Businesses Owned by People from Equity Deserving Groups to Cater Corporate Events (500 points)

Do you know who in your area is a sustainable restaurant/caterer? Do you know who pays their staff a living wage or is woman-owned, minority-owned or indigenous-owned? Find a local eatery that falls into any of these categories and order a team lunch from there. And don’t forget to celebrate them on social media.
Share an image of your meal or share a screenshot of a positive review you posted.

Days of Awareness – Learn about Others (500 points)

Start a Days of Awareness calendar and investigate cultural and social days of importance in Canada and around the world. Assign team members to discuss a particular event and help educate others on its importance. Knowledge is power.
Share a copy of your calendar or how you embrace and engage on a particular day of importance.

Incorporate Wellness at Work (500 points)

Making going back to work (or even working remotely) a more healthy, enjoyable experience increases productivity, retention and team building. Try a pre-meeting stretch, meditation, team lunches, or team walking meetings to keep people energized and healthy.
Share an image of something you are doing to help your team be healthier and more energized.

Stand up for fairness and peace** (500 points)

Provide anti-racism training for your employees and/or host a movie night with a film on gender justice
Enter the number of staff who completed anti-racism training.

Plant a Monarch Friendly Garden** (250 points)

Plant a monarch-friendly garden at your workplace and create a space that is not only beneficial to pollinators like bees and butterflies but is also fertile grounds for lifelong learning.
Upload a photo of your monarch-friendly garden.

Start a “Box of Happiness” (250 points)

Start a campaign to get your team engaged with how they feel and to take a pause when they are feeling good. For every moment of gratitude or happiness, team members can donate a loonie to the Box of Happiness. Then take the money you collect and donate it to a charity that will help others spread joy.
Share an image of your Box of Happiness and Where your donation spread joy.

Include Salaries in Job Postings** (250 points)

Pay transparency is one of the simplest and fastest ways to prevent unconscious discrimination in hiring practices and close the pay gap. Check to see if your organization includes pay band information in all job postings. If not, advocate for change with your HR department.
Complete the form – Does your organization post pay bands with all job postings? Yes/No

Baseline Your Organization’s Gender Diversity** (250 points)

Calculate the workforce gender distribution per the Global Reporting Initiative.
Upload a screenshot of your baseline or Sustainable Report with gender distribution.

Train staff on Gender-Based Analysis +** (250 points)

GBA+ is an analytical process used to assess how diverse groups of women, men, and gender-diverse people may experience policies, programs and initiatives. By completing this course, you will learn to define the key concepts of GBA+ and recognize how various identity factors can influence the experience of federal government initiatives. Learn to identify how GBA+ can enhance the responsiveness, effectiveness and outcomes of federal government initiatives while applying some foundational GBA+ concepts and processes.
Enter the number of staff who completed the GBA+ course

Climate Action at Home

Coming for September!

Climate Action at Work

Coming for September!