Sustainable Winter Management Workshop 2023

On September 14th, 2023, sustainability professionals, operations and property managers, and winter maintenance contractors came together to deliver a half-day workshop on sustainable winter maintenance.

Below, you will find slides from the day’s presenters, a recording of the session, and links to additional resources!

Watch the Full Workshop

Watch a Specific Presentation

Business Case Studies

Seneca College by Courtney Hayes & Stewart Symmons

  • Salt Management Plans
  • Expectations vs. Reality of Winter Maintenance on Campus

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) by Lorna Murison

  • Assessing Liquid Brine Application
  • Differences in Friction between Permeable & Asphalt Surfaces During Snow Melt

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) by Lorna Murison

  • Reducing Chloride Application with Liquid Anti-Icers (beat juice and/or salt brine)

A Contractor Perspective

Landscape Ontario by Joe Salemi

  • The Contractor Perspective
  • Liability & Insurance Risks
  • Policy Responses

Liquids Revolution by Dion Sararus

  • What are Liquid De-Icers?
  • How do They Work?
  • What are Common Challenges?
  • What are the Benefits of Using Liquid?

Peel Region by Eleanor Gillon

  • Nagivating the Smart About Salt Website
  • Navigating Peel Region’s Winter Maintenance for Commercial Properties Toolkit