Corporate Flood and Heat Risk Management Resource Hub

Corporate Flood and Heat Risk Management Resource Hub

Human-induced climate change is putting people, ecosystems, and the economy at risk. The International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) has identified human-induced warming of urban areas is leading to heavy precipitation and flood risks. In the Greater Toronto Area, businesses will need to assess upstream and downstream impacts related to their operations to mitigate the impacts of extreme heat and flooding on their property.  This Corporate Flood and Heat Risk Management program engages the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI)/Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURB) sectors to understand and foster uptake of best practices and new technologies related to stormwater management, flood resilience, and heat risk adaptation. 

This Resource Hub provides business managers, sustainability consultants, and facility managers technical and educational support from TRCA’s Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program and Ecosystem and Climate Science teams to improve their property’s adaptation to a changing climate.

The FREE Videos in this Hub Covers:

1. Introduction and Background of Flooding in the ICI Sector

2. Types of Flood Risk & TRCA Tools to Protect Your Business

3. Current Initiatives and Actions to Address Flood RIsks

4. Use of Low Impact Development & Green Infrastructure to Help Mitigate On-Site Stormwater Management Risks

1. Setting the Stage- Urban Heat

2. Green Infrastructure for Heat Mitigation and Adaptation

3. Why and How to Mitigate Urban Heat

1. The Beginning- Connection

2. Present Day, Loss of Connection

3. Possibilities

4. Walking Gently on Mother Earth Re-Connection

Attention City of Mississauga Businesses

PPG is partnering with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) to deliver the Greening Corporate Grounds (GCG) program to TRCA’s jurisdiction in the City of Mississauga. The program is aimed at helping businesses build resilience to flooding and heat waves through site assessments and incentives. To learn more contact

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