People Power Challenge on Demand

People Power Challenge 2022

Welcome to People Power Challenge On Demand!

Here you will access all the tools, templates, and resources you need to run effective and fun employee engagement campaigns that drive environmental action, at home and at work, any time of the year. Using webinars, event support, activities and communications materials, you will be able to:

• Hit the ground running with your employee engagement campaigns

• Drive sustainability improvements for your organization

• Take action on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


  • One Campaign Checklist to keep you organized and on track to run a successful campaign.
  • One educational webinar on the campaign topic that your employees can view on demand. Hosting a watch party is a great way to launch your campaign!
  • One resource package to host an interactive event on the campaign topic (all events can be held virtually).
  • One Scorecard of Activities that drive action at home and at work.  This Scorecard allows you to track engagement and rack up points for each activity.
  • One resource guide with links to articles, videos, websites, and more that you can use to educate your employees.
  • A suite of communications materials including poster templates and email templates that you can use to generate awareness of the program.

PPG Members can enter this portal to find all the tools they need to create their own year-round People Power Challenge on Demand.

If you are not a Member of Partners in Project Green and would like to be, click above to register or visit our Membership page to learn more.