Whether sustainability is your world, or you are just starting on your sustainability journey, Partners in Project Green (PPG) is the primary portal for all things sustainability. We offer Membership for individuals and organizations of all sizes broken into tiers that reflect your changing needs with Community Access, Member, Member Plus, and Member All Access tiers.

Member Benefits

Membership also means benefits. There are many benefits to being a PPG member, from access to hubs, resources, events, and programs. We also offer special member discounts for Black Creek Pioneer Village, Kortright Centre for Conservation, Sustainability Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP), and more.

If you would like to become a Member of PPG, it is easy!

  • Learn more about Partners in Project Green
  • Find the Membership tier that suits your needs
  • Compare benefits & perks
  • Review our Membership Pricing Grid
  • See some of our 2021 Impact
  • To access free resources like the Salt Management Hub, sign up for Community Access.
  • For resources and programs like Material Exchange (MEX) or People Power Challenge on Demand become a Member.
  • If you are interested in Advance Programs like the Energy Leaders Consortium (ELC), Circular Economy Leaders Consortium (CEC), or People Power Challenge (PPC) live edition, register for Member Plus or All Access.
Why Join?
  • Collaborate with other leading businesses that are improving their economic, social and environmental performance.
  • Discover new and innovative sustainable practices that will improve your economic, social and environmental performance.
  • Seek effective ways to engage your employees, drive action and make the case for your sustainability initiatives.
  • Make a lasting positive impact on the environment and the community

“We have tremendously enjoyed our membership with PPG over the years. Our staff and graduate students in sustainability management have been inspired by the keynotes, learned through the webinars, and forged wonderful connections through the networking events. We have also enjoyed the People Power Challenge as a way to come together and make our workplace even more sustainable”

Want to learn more about Membership?

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