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The materials drawn for each module and their subsequent chapters are drawn from academic and regulatory sources to provide context for flooding and extreme heat within the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s jurisdiction.

Flood Risk Mitigation and Adaptation Modules

Module 1: Introduction and Background of Flooding in the ICI Sector

What is the cost of flooding for the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) and Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) sector? How can green infrastructure and low impact development techniques mitigate risk for businesses and the broader community?

Module 1 provides the necessary background for the upcoming modules and is divided into individual chapters for ease of use.

Chapter 1: Background of Flooding in Southern Ontario

Watch Chapter 1 (16 min)

Chapter 2: What Needs to Be Done?

Watch Chapter 2 (23 min)

Chapter 3: Flooding Managed by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and other Conservation Authorities

Chapter 4: Losses and Damages Associated with Flooding

Chapter 5: What Information is Needed for ICI Sectors to be Prepared?

Module 1 Resources

Module 2: Types of Flood Risk & TRCA Tools to Protect Your Business

Why do we need to prepare flood mitigation measures? Join us as we discuss the different types of flood risks, how these risks affect businesses, and how to use publicly available floodplain and riverine flood risk tools to manage them. Check if your business is in the floodplain and stay ahead with flood alerts.

Chapter 1: Types of Flood Risk

Watch Chapter 1 (10 min)

Chapter 2: TRCA’s Mandate and Definition of Flooding

Watch Chapter 2 (11 min)

Chapter 3: Flooding Related Tools & FAQs Provided by TRCA

Watch Chapter 3 (23 min)

Chapter 4: TRCA Messaging & Flood Vulnerable Clusters (Spring Creek, Downtown Bolton, and Dixie-Dundas)

Module 2 Resources

Module 3: Current Initiatives and Actions to Address Flood Risks

There is a wide range of available resources to assist sustainability professionals and property managers/owners in preparing flood preparedness and management plans. Check out what is currently being done for the Industrial Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sector to address these risks in addition to available programs and tools.

Chapter 1: Traditional Flood Infrastructure

Watch Chapter 1 (19 min)

Chapter 2: Flood Protection Resources

Watch Chapter 2 (18 min)

Chapter 3: Flood Management Guidelines/ Plans/ Planning with Climate Lens

Watch Chapter 3 (33 min)

Chapter 4: External Group Initiatives

Watch Chapter 4 (16 min)
Module 3 Resources

Module 4: Use of Low Impact Developments & Green Infrastructure to help Manage on-site Stormwater Management Risks

Learn about the effectiveness and adaptability of Green Infrastructure (GI) and Low Impact Development (LID) techniques. We will showcase lifecycle costs of LID, where they are best utilized, and success stories from ICI properties who have adopted these best management practices across the GTA and Southern Ontario!

Chapter 1: What is Green Infrastructure?

Watch Chapter 1 (75 min)

1.1 Why do we Need Low Impact Development?

1.2 Low Impact Development Types & Functionality

Chapter 2: Construction & Inspection & Maintenance of Low Impact Development Practices

Watch Chapter 2 (16 min)

Chapter 3: Life Cycle Costs

Watch Chapter 3 (18 min)

Chapter 4: Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Case Studies

Watch Chapter 4 (43 min)

4.3 Glendale Public School

4.4 The Bentway

4.5 Thornhill Sustainable Neighbourhood

Read the Case Study

4.6 Calstone Inc.

Read the Case Study

Module 4 Resources

Heat Risk Mitigation and Adaptation Module

What is urban heat, why is it an issue, and how can businesses be part of the solution? This module discusses the challenges of urban heat and details why green infrastructure is a great option for the environment, local communities, and long-term financial savings.

Chapter 1: Setting the Stage- Urban Heat

Watch Chapter 1 (10 min)

Chapter 2: Green Infrastructure for Heat Mitigation and Adaptation

Watch Chapter 2 (16 min)

Chapter 3: Why and How to Mitigate Urban Heat

Watch Chapter 3 (15 min)
Heat Risk Module Resources

This Resource Hub includes technical and educational support by TRCA’s Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) and TRCA’s Ecosystem and Climate Science team.

We would like to thank Credit Valley Conservation Authority’s Greening Corporate Grounds Program for their contribution to the development of this resource hub.

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