TRCA Celebrates 15 Years of Partners in Project Green – Official Press Release

Innovative Sustainability Initiative Delivers Remarkable Results

October 30, 2023, Toronto, ON — On October 19, 2023, Partners in Project Green (PPG), a prominent member-based program created by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) in partnership with Toronto Pearson, celebrated a remarkable 15-year journey dedicated to advancing environmental action and economic prosperity across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The celebration, held at the Civic Centre in Mississauga, marked a significant milestone in PPG’s commitment to fostering sustainable growth across the region.

The event showcased the widespread impact of PPG, as attendees comprising businesses, government, institutions, and utilities networked and gained valuable insights from industry leaders on advancing social and environmental sustainability through knowledge sharing, technology, and infrastructure implementation.

The day was capped off by remarks from keynote speaker Paul Klein, an advocate for transformative change and author of Change for Good.

The event also showcased PPG’s remarkable progress and accomplishments in creating a sustainable future for the GTA.

PPG has achieved impressive results, delivering 18,000 learner hours, cutting member utility costs by $40.5 million, and preserving $3 million worth of materials that would otherwise head to landfills.

Since 2008, PPG has also:

  • Diverted 18,795 tonnes of waste, equivalent to the annual waste generation of 20,060 individuals.
  • Saved 345 eGWh, equaling the energy for 259 million homes.
  • Reduced GHG emissions by 43,015 tonnes, offsetting CO2 equivalent to 57,353 round trips from Toronto to Vancouver.
  • Conserved 1,750 million litres of water, equivalent to more than 29,000 10-minute showers.

These numbers are more than just statistics; they represent a significant contribution to a greener, more sustainable future.

infographic documenting the most important successes of Partners in Project Green over the past 15 years

PPG has identified key areas of focus for the future: flood and heat risk management, fleet decarbonization, and increased diversion from landfill.

Efforts are ongoing to enhance stormwater and heat risk management, decrease waste generation, and improve energy management for the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) sector. New PPG programs will aid fleet managers in reducing carbon emissions.

In an era where organizations are evolving to meet the growing challenges posed by climate change, PPG is empowering businesses to embrace sustainable practices, ensuring their resilience and success amidst unprecedented environmental threats


“TRCA is proud to celebrate 15 years of PPG. Thanks to the support of our valued partners, the program has grown exponentially and has established an internationally recognized community of leaders in the field of corporate sustainable and community action who are dedicated to advancing environmental action and economic prosperity in the region. As we celebrate 15 years of excellence, this strong partnership reaffirms our commitment to a more sustainable GTA through collaboration, innovation, and environmental stewardship.”
— John MacKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, TRCA

“I’ve had the opportunity to experience the important work that PPG is doing to help organizations in all sectors benefit by becoming more sustainable. Congratulations on 15 years of change for good!”
— Paul Klein, Keynote Speaker, Founder of Impakt and Author of Change for Good