PPG Presents Days of Awareness – October 2023

Partners in Project Green shares Days of Awareness each month to spread awareness and start conversations. These days may have a social, historical, or sustainable significance. Below is a small sampling of important days to acknowledge or remember.

Circular Economy Month

Launched by Circular Innovation Council, Circular Economy Month is Canada’s first-ever public awareness campaign dedicated to educating and empowering Canadians to support an economy that delivers on the most important values of Canadians: protecting the planet and prioritizing people. Circular Economy Month raises awareness about the benefits of the circular economy and celebrates circular innovations. During October, Canadians are encouraged to learn about the circular economy, celebrate our individual and collective efforts, embrace circular solutions, and encourage others to take action. 

Islamic History Month in Canada

Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) in October aims to celebrate, inform, educate, and share with fellow Canadians the rich Muslim heritage and contributions to society: Contributions in sciences, humanities, medicine, astronomy, and other disciplines that have greatly benefited human progress. IHMC believes that through education and sharing positive stories, all Canadians can grow and connect in the best way possible. 

This year’s theme is Celebrating Muslim Women in Science and the Arts and will honor the historical contributions of Muslim Women through the ages and in Canada, specifically around their influence on the progress of the Arts, Sciences and Society. 

Women’s History Month in Canada

October is Women’s History Month in Canada, a time to celebrate the women and girls from our past, and our present, who are contributing to a better, more inclusive Canada. 

This year’s theme, Through Her Lens: Celebrating the Diversity of Women, emphasizes the importance of recognizing the achievements and contributions of women from diverse backgrounds. It focuses on the unique perspectives, experiences, and challenges faced by Indigenous women; women from 2SLGBTQI+ communities; and newcomer, racialized, and migrant women.   

World Mental Health Day- October 10

World Mental Health Day 2023 is an opportunity for people and communities to unite behind the theme ‘Mental health is a universal human right” to improve knowledge, raise awareness and drive actions that promote and protect everyone’s mental health as a universal human right. 

Mental health is a basic human right for all people. Everyone, whoever and wherever they are, has a right to the highest attainable standard of mental health. This includes the right to be protected from mental health risks, the right to available, accessible, acceptable, and good quality care, and the right to liberty, independence and inclusion in the community. 

International Day of the Girl Child- October 11 

International Day of the Girl Child is a day dedicated to celebrating the voices and power of girls, championing their rights worldwide, and reflecting on the challenges they continue to face because of their gender. 

Across Canada and around the world, girls are making an impact and creating positive change in their communities and far beyond. They are leading the way as students, entrepreneurs, volunteers and activists, and proving that you are never too young to shape the future and improve the lives of others. 

Youth Climate Action Date – October 21 

Youth Climate Action Day is a worldwide movement of young people who are concerned about climate change and global injustice. Since 2012 young people in several countries of the world start concrete actions for climate protection and climate justice around the date of the UN-Climate Conference. The many ideas and actions are shared via social media and become visible on the Climate Action Day world map.