Vendor Showcase

Welcome to the PPG Resiliency and Regeneration Exhibitor and Pecha Kucha Page. If you are a vendor interested in purchasing an Exhibitor space at this highly-anticipated event, participating in the PechaKucha, or both, this page will help answer questions and provide any necessary information.

Exhibitor Space

With an attendance of 150-200 guests consisting of businesses and individuals who are interested in sustainability and finding solutions to the many challenges on our paths to net zero, this is a rare opportunity to reach a targeted audience of PPG Members and interested parties. Some of our Members who will be in attendance will be from these organizations.

Exhibitor Details

PPG Member
  • 10X10 Booth Space
  • Table and 2 chairs
  • Tablecloth

Total Cost – $400 + HST

  • 10 x 10 Booth Space

Booth Space $500 + HST

Table + 2 chairs + tablecloth available for $40 +HST

Pricing for full pipe and drape, electrical, or other amenities is available upon request.

Vendor Showcase

What is PechaKucha?

In 2003 PechaKucha, named after the onomatopoeic Japanese phrase for the sound of talking, was created as an “elevator pitch” for presentations. After sitting through countless 40+ page, overly-detailed PowerPoint presentations, creators Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein devised PechaKucha (or Pecha Kucha) events to get to know and share ideas with their professional peers.

How it Works

A Pecha Kucha presentation is a format that uses 20 slides or images that are displayed for 20 seconds each. The slides will move automatically as the presenter is speaking. This format ensures that the speaker is concise, keeps the presentation moving, and gets through all of their content. This format increases proficiency in presenting content quickly, with purpose, and energy.

Each presenter will have a total of 10 minutes from their introduction through their presentation. The slide show will automatically move to the next slide after 20 seconds, running through the entire presentation in under 7 minutes. This will leave a little time for questions and switch over to the next presenter.

Some Tips

  • Slides should have a little wording as can be read in 20 seconds (think billboard advertising)
  • Images that tell a story, like an infographic, are a neat way to speak without excessive word use
  • Try to keep your entire presentation to one theme; easier to get your message across
  • You can learn more or see presentation examples at the Pecha Kucha site

PechaKucha Details

PPG Member

1 10-minute Pecha Kucha Session – $200 +HST


1 10-minute Pecha Kucha Session – $250 +HST

watching presentation

Special Combo Offer

If you would like to participate in the Pech Kucha and want to back it up with an Exhibitor space, PPG has special combo pricing. Save 16-18% off individual pricing

PPG Member

10×10 Exhibitor Space plus Pecha Kucha $500 +HST


10×10 Exhibitor Space plus Pecha Kucha $600 +HST

Don’t Forget Your Tickets!

Tickets are not included with either Exhibitor space or Pecha Kucha participation. Book your tickets before early bird pricing closes.

While the booths will be open throughout the day, they are located in the main conference space and would mostly be visited in the afternoon. You can learn more by reviewing the Agenda.

Vendor Sponsorships

We are also offering Bronze and Silver sponsorships designed for vendors who wish to increase visibility at the Resiliency and Regeneration event via premier media and social media exposure, onsite acknowledgement, speaking opportunities, brand exposure and more.

To learn more, please contact Ozit Bittner, at