Partners in Project Green hosts annual tree-planting events for our Members. This gives us an opportunity to engage individually with other Members, meet other organizations, and include our families in our sustainability efforts. It is a wonderful opportunity to get outside and have an immediate impact on the environment.

Spring 2022 Tree Planting

Our Spring 2022 Tree Planting Event took place on May 28. This private, members-only event was held in Mississauga with 50 attendees planting over 250 trees.

Team meeting outside for event
First Group Converges
man showing people how to plant trees
On-Site Instruction
family with small children planting trees
Family Planting

Some of the species planted include – Fragrant Sumac, Nannyberry, Red Osier Dogwood, Chokeberry, Eastern White Pine, Trembling Aspen, Hackberry and Balsam Poplar.

Participants can view the photo gallery here

Our next event will take place in the fall. Hope to see you there!