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Sustainable Salt Management Case Studies

The following section highlights PPG members taking action to reduce road salt use on their properties. Here you can learn about the steps businesses are taking across the GTA to minimize their impact on the environment, save money and protect staff and visitor safety with responsible road salt management.

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Seneca College: Salt Management Plan

Seneca College has completed an RFP process and selected a contractor who is onboard with helping Seneca reduce their road salt use by 50% for the 2021-2022 winter season and additional amounts the following years. Highlights from this Scope of Work include:

  • Acknowledging environmental impacts of excessive road salt
  • Salt reduction plan including alternatives to road salt use whenever possible
  • Closing non-essential roads, walkways, and paths over the winter season to reduce salt and de-icing material
  • Snow clearing to reduce the need for salt
  • Measuring accurate road salt delivery
  • Efficient application through pre-wetting and anti-icing techniques
  • Direct Liquid Application to prevent snow or ice bond to paved surface
  • Road salt alternatives and low-chloride materials

Preview Seneca College’s Scope of Work document by clicking on the image below:

Sheridan College: Snowmelt System

In select areas of the campus, Sheridan College has a snowmelt system that reduces demand for road salt.

Snowmelt – both buildings have a snow melt system. It uses a combination of glycol and water to melt snow and ice when outdoor temperature is below freezing, and moisture is detected on the ground. This keeps walkways safe and minimizes need for salt compounds that can adversely affect local aquatic ecosystems” – p. 5, 2020 Sustainability Report

Review their 2020 Sustainability Report here.