Site Walk-Through Assessments

Identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions, save costs, improve energy efficiency and resilience with a free site assessment from the experts at PPG.

What is a site walk-through assessment?

Free onsite energy and low impact development (LID) assessments for up to 10 Caledon-based facilities, conducted by energy experts at TRCA’s Partners in Project Green, Enbridge Gas, Save on Energy, and the Region of Peel.

Who can participate?

Program participants will be selected based on the following criteria, on a first come, first served basis:

  • Non-residential facility located within Town of Caledon jurisdiction (preference given to facilities in the Bolton Community Improvement Project Area – Industrial Precinct)
  • Formal support and approval from participant’s senior management (including permission to contribute required time)
  • Signed commitment letter

How it works

Partners in Project Green will coordinate a walk-through assessment at one of your facilities in Caledon with other technical experts to help you identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions, save energy, implement LID, and lower costs.

To participate, you will first need to submit an expression of interest from your organization. PPG will follow up to confirm your interest in the program and provide the commitment letter. Once the commitment letter is signed, a pre-assessment survey will be provided. This helps collect preliminary information about your facility to ensure we can conduct a thorough walk-through.

We’ll coordinate the best time to visit your facility for the walk-through. Depending on the size of your facility, walk-throughs can take anywhere between 2-4 hours on site.

After completion, PPG and our technical advisors will compile our findings and present the participating businesses with a 1-2 page summary of opportunities and available funding to put projects into action.

Benefits for your organization

  • Free assessment that helps you identify energy and cost saving measures specific to your facility/business
  • Customized action plan that can be implemented at your own pace
  • Understanding of upfront costs, long-term savings, and environmental benefits from various actions
  • Pathway to implementation including links to funding programs, local contractors, and practical resources