Partners in Project Green and Carbonhound are excited to announce the launch of the Scope 3 Discovery Program for PPG members!

This is a 12-week program where organizations will receive support and guidance while leveraging data automation software to measure their Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. The program will kick-off in May 2024.

The focus of this program is to help PPG member organizations quantify the business value of their sustainability initiatives, use data to identify key areas of reduction opportunities, and efficiently track their Scope 3 emissions. This will help them maximize their impact and establish themselves as leaders in sustainable business.

Program participants receive an exclusive discount of 20% on Carbonhound’s carbon accounting software platform fees to support the process of credibly tracking their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

To register your company for the program, please complete the intake form.

For more information on the Scope 3 Discovery Program, please contact Matt Brunette: