People Power Challenge

An easy way for organizations of all types and sizes to drive sustainability action and engage employees, wherever they are working.

The People Power Challenge (PPC) is an Advanced Program designed to help our members engage with their teams and encourage them to incorporate sustainable action into their lives. This is a three-month campaign (August-October) with a range from personal actions of employees to new practices for the organization. Employees are able to participate whether they were working from the office or remotely.

Key drivers
  • Increase retention, productivity, and overall engagement
  • Boost cohesion and shared purpose toward organizational and personal sustainability
  • Speed up progress towards corporate sustainability objectives
  • It’s a friendly competition with participating organizations within PPG’s community

The live edition was so popular that we created an offline year-round version called People Power Challenge on Demand. This program is open to any Member and has the tools, templates, and resources you need to run effective and fun employee engagement campaigns that drive environmental action, at home and at work, any time of the year.