People Power Challenge 2022 – Quiz #4

Climate Action – Quiz

The individual who answers the most questions correctly in all quizzes, will be selected Quiz Champion and receive a prize at the end of the competition, plus bragging rights!

PPC 2022 - Climate Action - Quiz #4

Answer these questions correctly for a chance to win a prize!
Climate Action is what number on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)?(Required)
In 2015, countries adopted the Paris Agreement. In the agreement, all countries agreed to
Electric Vehicles are becoming the fasted growing automotive sector. How many EV vehicles are registered in Ontario as of February 2022?
It is expected that 1 out of 3 automobiles sold will be electric with the expectation of over one million EVs on the road in Ontario by what year?
Did you know? As of March 2022, there are more than 1,800 public charging stations with over 5,000 charging ports in Ontario, including 32 Level 2 EV chargers at carpool parking lots that provide free charging.