Member Case Study Template

Thank you for sharing your Case Study with the Partners in Project Green Community. Case Studies inspire others to action by sharing best practices, solutions to challenges, and achieved environmental and social benefits. 

Please be sure to:

  • Describe all of the elements of the project, including the technology, behaviours, solutions and challenges met.
  • Include fulsome details of the project within this form. You may add attachments for supplementary information for readers at the end, but the content of the case study will be created from the form.

Please be advised that PPG staff may edit for clarity, and that any substantial changes to content will be reviewed with the author. Final approval for Case Study publication rests with PPG. Please contact Saba Khan with any questions:

PPG Member Case Study Template

Max. file size: 64 MB.


Before submitting, please ensure the content of this form is full and complete as the information provided above will be used exclusively to create the Case Study. You are welcome to include additional photos or reports for further information for your readers, which will be linked to in the published Case Study.
Max. file size: 64 MB.
Max. file size: 64 MB.