Greening Corporate Grounds

*The 2022 program is full – Contact us if you are interested in the 2023 program*

Future-proof your business by investing in nature.!

Partners in Project Green with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is partnering with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) to provide businesses within the TRCA jurisdiction of the City of Mississauga with access to CVC’s Greening Corporate Grounds (GCG) program.

About GCG

GCG provides businesses with a free sustainable landscaping assessment and action plan to identify sustainable landscaping projects that can help them qualify for a credit to their stormwater charge and achieve the following:

  • Reduce flood risk
  • Protect valuable property assets
  • Lower long-term conventional landscaping costs
  • Support CSR initiatives to improve air, soil and water quality
  • Create healthy habitats for pollinators, birds and other local wildlife
  • Build climate resiliency

GCG provides technical expertise and project guidance to move businesses from project planning to on-the-ground action. GCG has worked with notable companies in the city, such as CRH Canada, Mitutoyo Canada and HP Canada.

GCG is generously supported by the Region of Peel and the City of Mississauga.


Participating businesses must be:

  • A Member of Partners in Project Green. Learn more about PPG Membership, register, or contact:
  • Located within the TRCA’s jurisdiction in the City of Mississauga. Check the map to ensure you are located within the boundary.
TRCA Jurisdiction of Mississauga

In addition, please ensure you are an industrial, commercial or institutional (IC&I) or Multi-Unit Residential property landowner/lessee that meets the following criteria:

  • Landowner/lessee owns or leases a property with sizeable outdoor space
  • Landowner/lessee demonstrates willingness to learn about sustainable landscaping best practices on their property and is prepared to take action, including funding any/all implemented projects.
  • Lessees have written permission from landowner that allows TRCA/CVC to:
    • conduct site assessments (data collection including photographs and soil samples etc.)
    • implement sustainable landscaping projects on their property and
    • agrees to maintain projects implemented on the property.

If you qualify and are interested to participate in GCG program please complete the intake form or contact to learn more.