Code Of Conduct

Partners in Project Green aims to create a safe and enriching environment where organizations who wish to enhance their environmental performance can share their experience and learn from one another. Our relationships are based on trust, and our success is built on the quality of the interactions and collaboration cultivated between our stakeholders.


The vision of Partners in Project Green is to grow the Pearson Eco-Business Zone model as an internationally recognized community of leaders advancing environmental action and economic prosperity across the Greater Toronto Area.


While undertaking their sustainability journey with Partners in Project Green, all Participants and Members are expected to behave in a respectful manner and comply with the present Code of Conduct.

Core Values

  • Collaboration – Leveraging multi stakeholder collaboration to break down barriers and achieve greater positive outcomes from sustainability initiatives.
  • Customer Centricity – Allowing the needs and behaviours of our members to shape our programming and guide our strategic direction.
  • Economic Responsibility – Demonstrating that the simultaneous pursuit of economic, social, and ecological goals results in greater benefits for the business community.
  • Environmental Excellence – Striving towards a respectful and sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Integrity Remaining – Honest in the assessment of our performance, and treating our peers with the greatest level of respect.
  • Spirit of Innovation – Acting as leaders in the business community, and promoting innovative thinking and doing in all aspect of sustainability.

Membership benefits and commitments
Organizations at all membership levels are expected to maintain a membership in good standing, provide necessary eligibility documents, and honor the responsibilities associated with their membership.

Individuals and organizations at all membership levels are ultimately responsible to take full advantage of but not abuse the benefits associated with their membership.

Partners in Project Green intellectual property
Adhere to Partners in Project Green policies concerning the appropriate use of Partners in Project Green branding, proprietary resources and tools, and any other information given in trust.

Honest representation
When providing information, Members and Ambassadors are expected to provide honest and transparent accounts of their organization’s products, services, performance, achievements, and challenges.

Whether it is for news feeds, case studies, sustainability initiative reports, or any other form of communication, organizations will make their best effort to identify their sources, references, and assumptions, as well as the limitations of their data.

Unacceptable behaviour
Harassment, including behaviour that degrades, demeans, humiliates, embarrasses or inconveniences someone that a reasonable person would know is unwelcome.

Any other form of action or communication deemed to be in direct violation or at least in conflict with the spirit of the present code of conduct shall be considered as unacceptable behaviour.

Consequences of unacceptable behaviour
Any participant who violates the present Code is subject to discipline, up to and including removal from the program without the reimbursement of event and/or membership fees.

Reporting unacceptable behaviour
All participants are expected to report any unacceptable behaviour to Partners in Project Green staff and/or Executive Management Committee.

Removal process
A warning shall be sent following any report of unacceptable behaviour, and reasonable staff investigation.

If a subsequent report(s) are received and/or the unacceptable behaviour persists, all participation and/or membership privileges shall be suspended at Partners in Project Green’s discretion, and a formal motion to terminate the membership of the concerned party shall be put at the next Partners in Project Green Executive Management Committee meeting.

Program removal may be appealed once and submitted in writing to the Partners in Project Green Executive Management Committee for review no later than ninety (90) days following the termination ruling.

Any membership termination ruling by the Executive Management Committee following the appeal shall be final.