York Region Seeks Input on Single-Use Plastics


York Region and its local municipalities are looking for input from businesses to shape programs and supports to help businesses to reduce their use of single-use items. Some examples of single-use items include plastic shopping bags, straws and cutlery, foam or plastic takeout containers and takeout coffee or drink cups. Many businesses are already making the shift from single-use or disposable items and our goal is to support York Region businesses in making better choices that may even provide cost savings.

The information and feedback received through this survey will be used to:
Gauge the level of interest and support from businesses in York Region to reduce single-use items;
Develop the necessary tools to support and assist businesses in implementing an ask first/by-request policy for items like plastic straws, bags, cutlery etc. and encourage customers to bring in their own reusable items (i.e., coffee mugs, bags, and straws) as a substitute to single-use items, and;
Develop a recognition program to showcase businesses that are successfully reducing or eliminating single-use items.

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