Building a Climate Resilient Business Resource Kit Coming Soon!

Partners in Project Green is excited to announce the launch of the Building a Climate Resilient Business Resource Kit!

The Resource Kit is intended to help businesses across the Greater Toronto Area:

  • Understand their climate change risks
  • Understand how to evaluate and prioritize these risks
  • Learn about potential strategies to address them

By providing an overview of global and local climate change impacts, readers will be able to better grasp the implications of climate change in their communities and what it means for their businesses. The main goal of this resource kit is to provide local context on climate change risks in the GTA and support businesses as they prepare for them.

The Resource Kit consists of several modules to provide optimal business support including:

  • Primers on climate change science and projections for the Toronto Area
  • Overviews of Impacts of climate change on human health, buildings and infrastructure, agriculture and food security, supply chain, and finance and regulations
  • Mitigation strategies to reduce GHG emissions
  • Support on climate change Adaptation, including an overview of the climate change risk assessment process and potential adaptation strategies
  • Case Studies from organizations taking action on adaptation and enhancing their resiliency

Modules will launch in several over the next few weeks, beginning with several Primers on climate change science and projections to help businesses understand possible climate futures in the Toronto Area.

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