Helping Businesses Become Resilient in the Face of Climate Change

Partners in Project Green’s Natural Infrastructure and Climate Resiliency program helps property managers, commercial developers, industrial manufacturers, institutional facilities, and business owners understand their climate risks and identify opportunities to mitigate those risks, and provides support to take action and become more resilient.

This program focuses on natural infrastructure, utilizing the environmental services that nature provides as a method of building resiliency to climate change, while creating a host of co-benefits.

bioretention area

Bioretention area.

While natural infrastructure can take shape in many ways, one of the most effective outcomes is reducing impermeable surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, and replacing it with grass, gardens, gravel, or other solutions that allow water to soak into the ground rather than run off into municipal storm drains, or into your business.

The program will seek to reduce the area of impermeable surfaces through on-site implementation of natural infrastructure on corporate properties, and through business-led sponsorship of stormwater offset projects.

The Business Case for Green Infrastructure

green roof at Toronto Zoo

Green roof at Toronto Zoo.

stormwater retrofit project at Calstone facility in Scarborough


  • Resiliency for your business and the mitigation of risks and potential costs from flooding and extreme weather events through the implementation of natural infrastructure solutions on private and public lands
  • Access to a community of experts and vendors
  • Utilization of existing governmental programs and implementation incentives, potentially reduce stormwater management fees, and support the stormwater management goals of Greater Toronto Area municipalities
  • Improve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance of businesses
  • Recognition within the Partners in Project Green community through creative project case studies, industry speaking engagements, and features in trade publications


Partners in Project Green will conduct a needs assessment to determine what alignment makes sense for your business and begin establishing connectivity with the municipal programs of interest, industry experts, and service and technology vendors that we represent and support.

Please contact us to get started:

Eric Meliton, Project Manager, Water Stewardship | 416-661-6600 ext. 5890 |