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What Is The People Power Challenge?

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The People Power Challenge is a turn-key employee engagement program that gives businesses an exciting way to engage staff
and drive sustainability results. This friendly competition runs for four months, with each month focusing a specific theme:

low carbon transportation and energy, water stewardship, waste management and environmental innovation.

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At Partners in Project Green, we work to empower our Champions so they can embed sustainability into their corporate culture
and daily lives. We believe that any degree of behaviour change can contribute to creating the resilient and sustainable economy
our future earth needs. Whether through small, individual actions or large corporate commitments, the responsibility of
environmental sustainability falls on the shoulders of everyone in your organization.

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"VCI has been able to increase employee engagement and participation through receiving pledges and suggestions.These have directly influenced
the 83 projects that were completed during the challenges, each of which focused on helping us achieve our environmental objectives and targets."

T. (Tal) Rafailo, P.Eng | Quality Systems Manager | Velcro Canada Inc.


"The People Power Challenge has been -- and we hope will continue to be -- an excellent way to educate and engage our staff, faculty and students
about sustainability and local environmental issues, and to take ownership of the buildings, land, and actions around us."

Claire Westgate | Director of Sustainability | University of Toronto Mississauga