Sci Paint

Posted March 14, 2012

Sci-Paint Japan is a leader in environmentally friendly coatings technologies. Sci-Paint conforms to the highest Japanese Industrial Standards and continues to innovate in the field of energy conservation technologies.

Sci-Paint Japan has developed a next generation product in the thermal barrier coatings industry: a nanotechnology-based, high performance heat reflective and insulating coating, applicable on most surfaces like normal paint. PLANET SUPRA is water-based, non-toxic and VOC-free. It has a reflection rate of 94.6% in the near-infrared wavelength band, thus reducing the “heat load” of buildings, saving on energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions. The life expectancy of the product is approximately 10 years. It not only reflects the sunlight, but also has self-cleaning properties with an anti-fungal / anti-mold effect. Given its non-hazardous nature, it is also safe to be applied on the interior surfaces of buildings.