Ontario’s New Waste Strategy

Posted September 23, 2013

Learn how new and existing waste legislation impacts your company. Over the last two decades waste diversion in Ontario has stalled. Today, Ontario generates about 12 million tonnes of waste a year, with about 60 percent of it produced by the industrial, commercial and institutional sector. Of this waste only 13 percent is being diverted, with the majority reaching the landfill.

The Ontario government determined that a major legislative overhaul was necessary. In June 2013, the Ontario government released its Waste Reduction Strategy, which incorporates the proposed new Waste Reduction Act, 2013, forecasting significant changes to the way wastes will be managed in Ontario and greatly affecting the IC&I sector.

Representatives from Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment (MOE) joined Partners in Project Green for this straight from the source webinar on waste and how the new and existing legislation will affect your organization.

Topics included:

  • Existing Waste Regulations – What they are, who they affect, and how your organization is impacted.
  • Ontario’s new waste reduction strategy and what it will mean for you.