Low Impact Development & Greening Corporate Grounds

Posted January 28, 2013

Are you looking for innovative ways to address stormwater management issues that are cost effective to your organization and look aesthetically pleasing? Low Impact Development (LID) and the Greening Corporate Grounds program may be the answer for you.

LID integrates an industrial/commercial site with the natural environment such as landscaping to include green features like permeable pavement or bio-retention swales that allows you to better manage stormwater run-off, reduce irrigation costs, and create vibrant wildlife habitats. These practices can effectively remove nutrients, pathogens and metals from runoff, and they reduce the volume and intensity of stormwater flows.

On the other hand, the Greening Corporate Grounds Program brings renewed life to your property working with your organization to design and implement a site concept plan and provide related educational resources such as workshops, seminars and fact sheets.

This webinar explores:

  • Low Impact Development
  • Benefits of Low Impact Development (and why it is a better option compared to conventional stormwater management)
  • Hear about other companies who have utilized the technology
  • Introduction and benefits to the Greening Corporate Grounds Program

The Benefits of Greening Your Site

  • Visibly demonstrate commitment to Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility
  • Be a leader in corporate environmental practices in the outdoor environment
  • Save on long-term landscape maintenance and water bills by investing in green practices
  • Participate in opportunities for education and networking on outdoor greening initiatives
  • Contribute to your team building initiatives, and maintain good employee and community relations
  • Enhance your workplace environment
  • Contribute to the health of the wider community