Internal Waste Audit: A Best Practices Guide

Posted December 2, 2014

This webinar reviewed the ins and outs of completing an effective internal waste audit.

  • Working Knowledge discussed best practices and highlighted the benefits of waste auditing.
  • Bosch discussed their recent experience in conducting their own waste audit and lessons learned.

Speakers included:

Jessica L. Wilkinson, EP (CEA), Working Knowledge Inc.

Jessica Wilkinson is a professional waste auditor providing Environmental Management Systems auditing, training and advice to manufacturers and property managers throughout North America. Jessica designs and conducts training programs in environmental field such as Internal Auditing, Waste Reduction Auditing, Workplan Development and Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Jessica worked with the Recycling Council of Ontario to develop and roll-out their 3R Certification program. She has trained many of the current accredited waste auditors in Ontario.

Jim Papadopoulos, Bosch Canada

Jim Papadopoulos, is the Manager of Facilities, Health, Safety & Environment and Office Services at Bosch. He is the principle champion behind Bosch’s commitment to reach 98% diversion from landfill at Bosch’s Mississauga Distribution Centre and organized Bosch’s first ever internal waste audit in Canada.