Integrating Electric Vehicles into Fleets

Posted March 14, 2012

Partners in Project Green, Toronto Atmospheric Fund and Plug’nDrive Ontario presented this webinar on Integrating Electric Vehicles into fleets.  It provided three informed perspectives on the role of EVs in fleets from the following people:

  • Mike Hewlett, Fleet Manager at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) share his experience with EVs to date and the GTAA’s future EV plans. GTAA currently has two Chevrolet Volts and four Nissan Leafs in its fleet.
  • Ben Marans, FleetWise Program Manager at the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, discussed the tools that FleetWise EV300 offers, including vehicle matching and acquistion assistance and ROI modelling, and the programs’ achievements to date.
  • Cara Clairman, Plug’nDrive President and CEO spoke about the transportation and electricity sector in Ontario, highlighting the benefits that EVs offer as well as providing a roadmap for how Plug’nDrive will be working with its partners to create awareness, promote relevant research, and championing the installation of home charging infrastructure.