Heat Shield Coating: eTime Energy

Posted September 25, 2012

Are you looking for low cost ways to reduce your energy demand and save dollars? Energy management is more than just lighting. This previously recorded webinar with eTime Energy explores how a retrofit solution can reduce your aggregate energy bill by 5-15% and:

  • LEARN about how to manage your Solar Heat Gain problems
  • DISCOVER what an ideal installation looks like
  • HEAR about other companies who have benefited from this technology

Improving the insulating properties of your Fenestration will:

  • Reduce Hydro demand for cooling and Gas consumption for Heating
  • Dramatically achieve Summer Peak Load reduction during hours of 10 AM – 5PM
  • Decrease winter heat losses caused by heat migrating through your windows from interior to exterior
  • Stabilize the interior ambient temperature and more easily manage your energy dollars tied to cooling and heating of your facilities

..all of which result in reduced total energy demand and costs.

eTime Energy’s Heat Preservation Series of Coatings allows you to convert Windows in your complex into Thermal Barriers, utilizing the benefits of Solar Radiation and Nano Technology to reduce Cooling Loads in your facility by 30% and Heating loads by 10-15%.