Grid Balance: ENBALA

Posted November 19, 2012

Grid Balance pays commercial, industrial and institutional organizations by responding to the needs of the power system through the inherent flexibility within their electricity consumption. Grid Balance is a program hosted by local power system operators and facilitated by ENBALA to balance the grids real-time needs to match supply with demand.

  • Why is Grid Balance a compelling business proposition?
  • Opportunity to use existing assets to create a new revenue stream
  • No capital investment to get started (ENBALA manages all associated costs)
  • Complimentary to other energy programs including traditional Demand Response

Participation is automated and is transparent to your operations Ideal candidates to participate in Grid Balance are large-scale electricity users such as: water and wastewater treatment plants (pumps and aerators), airports, hospitals, colleges and universities (cooling system) and refrigerated warehouses (compressors) to name a few.

Through participation your organization will earn a new revenue stream, increase the grids efficiency, reliability and help to integrate renewable power sources to the Ontario power grid.

About The ENBALA Power Network:
ENBALA Power Networks is a Smart Grid company that creates new revenue streams for industrial, commercial and institutional electricity users by capturing inherent flexibility in how they already use power. ENBALA connects electricity users to the electric power system to increase its efficiency and ensure its reliability. The integrated process is transparent and provides electricity users with the flexibility to participate in demand-side management programs based on their availability. Grid Balance is ENBALA’s first service offering and the platform is enabled for participation in future energy programs.

This webinar shows how your organization can earn a new revenue stream by participating in Grid Balance. Grid Balance is a compelling revenue generating initiative at no cost and no risk to participate. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from participating.