Discover Savings Opportunities with Compressed Air Systems

Posted June 25, 2014

Hosted by Enersource, Hydro One Brampton and Partners in Project Green

Greater system efficiency can be achieved through the management of compressed air systems controls. This webinar was a discussion about best engineering practices for compressed air piping design and discover opportunities from finding energy savings in your facility and understanding your compressed air system.

This webinar covered how you can:

  • Implement point of use efficiency practices, such as zero loss drains, engineered air knives and nozzles
  • Use  blowers to replace compressed air when appropriate
  • Discover energy savings opportunities in your facility

Speaker: Chris Duff – Compressor Science Inc.
Chris works with Compressor Science Inc, a progressive company involved in the auditing, design and reengineering of compressed air systems. His focus is on providing solutions to users of compressed air to reduce their energy consumption, improve air quality and, where possible, provide cost-effective alternatives.