Audit Funding

Posted November 22, 2013

The Ontario Power Authority through the saveONenergy program, provides an AUDIT FUNDING incentive which is intended to cover up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit. Business customers are eligible for incentives to complete energy audits assessing the potential for energy savings through equipment replacement, operational practices, or participation in Demand Response initiatives and other building systems and envelopes projects.

An energy audit or assessment of your facility can provide you with a high level overview of your building’s energy efficiency. Energy assessments can range from the basic historical data analysis of energy usage and a high-level walk-through of your facility, to a detailed building and energy systems evaluations, all the way to a complete report on benefits, costs and performance expectations for measures requiring complex equipment replacements, significant capital, personnel or other key resources.

An energy audit will:

  • Analyze consumption patterns
  • Provide recommendations to eliminate energy waste and improve performance
  • Propose efficiency upgrades for energy and cost savings
  • Provide financial details and cost evaluations

This is a great opportunity for businesses to identify the best and most sustainable energy management program for their business. Businesses have access to this funding for this program until December 31, 2015.

This webinar explores the following:

  • What is involved in an energy audit
  • Types of energy audits – ASHREA Level 1,2,3 Energy Audits
  • Typical findings in a walkthrough
  • Benefits to your company
  • Taking a holistic view
  • Find out what type of funding is available from your local electric company
  • What happens after an audit