Energy Monitoring Technologies and Resulting Cost Savings

Posted October 29, 2020

Energy Monitoring Technologies and Resulting Cost Savings

On October 29, PPG hosted 3M‘s Prasath Vinayagamoorthy (Senior Energy Engineer) and Tanmay Soni (Advanced Energy Analyst).

3M has led the industry in Energy Management implementation. Their goal is to certify ISO50001 Energy Management for their manufacturing facilities worldwide, which cannot be achieved without a robust energy monitoring system in place.

Through this webinar participants learned how THE 3M team went about implementing energy monitoring equipment and software platforms that allow them to ensure they are on track to meet targets and find energy reduction opportunities in real-time across a large portfolio of facilities. The speakers shared their learnings in trying out different types of technologies, how energy monitoring identifies savings opportunities, and what is coming in the future to make energy monitoring easier and more cost-efficient.

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