Raise A Glass to Bloom Sustainability Centre’s New Water & Wine Portal

Posted March 30, 2015

Red or white? When it comes to wine, we all have our preferences. But for many wineries, the focus today is increasingly on green. Here in Ontario, the wine industry is looking to adopt more sustainable practices — and a new online portal may help make that easier.

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Last week, BLOOM Sustainability Centre, an organization that works with governments and small-to-medium sized private companies to achieve sustainable outcomes, launched Water & Wine, a practical online platform designed to meet the water performance needs of Ontario winemakers by helping to reduce costs, mitigate risks and prepare for growth.


Water & Wine focuses specifically on helping wineries improve their water and wastewater management practices, and is geared toward building a solid foundation that will enable them to pursue opportunities such as water reuse. (Water reuse, incidentally, was the topic of Partners in Project Green’s most recent Sustainability Skills Lab — check out the article here.)

Ontario’s wineries contribute $3.3 billion in revenues and some 14,000 jobs to the provinicial economy. And they represent prime candidates for water reuse, as they usually are disconnected from municipal infrastructure, and have on-site water filtration, disinfection and wastewater treatment equipment.

Water & Wine – Online Platform from BLOOM on Vimeo.

Please visit waterandwine.bloomcentre.com for more information on water challenges and solutions for Ontario winemakers and bloomcentre.com for more information on BLOOM Sustainability Centre. Partners in Project Green looks forward to working with BLOOM in the future and seeing how different wineries rise to the challenge of optimizing water resources in their processes.