Pratt & Whitney Canada donates furniture to non-profits in the Greater Toronto Area

Posted September 23, 2013

It is common for companies to dispose of surplus office furniture after a relocation or renovation. What is often overlooked is that these discarded items contribute to landfill waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Green Standards fills this void by offsetting GHG emissions by facilitating the donation of unnecessary office furniture to local charitable organizations. The donated items have the opportunity to be reused, which extends their useful lifespan, prevents material from entering the waste stream, and decreases demand for new products.

Driven by aggressive sustainability targets at Pratt and Whitney, particularly Zero Waste by 2025, Scott Hendershot, Project Manager – Sustainable Development, and his team endeavored to divert as much waste as possible within their facility. Partners in Project Green’s Material Exchange Program was a natural fit for Scott’s team, as it allows them to identify and explore more sustainable waste disposition solutions. Through their participation in the Material Exchange Program, they were introduced to and partnered with Green Standards for the disposition of over 200 workstations, desks and chairs from a recent renovation at their Mississauga facility.

Over the span of three months, Green Standards redistributed the furniture to 14 different non-profits around Toronto, including the Harbourfront Centre, The Dwelling, and Children’s Peace Theatre. Per Green Standards, the waste diverted from landfill is equivalent to:

  • A reduction of 210 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent,
  • Saving 21,357 gallons of gasoline from being consumed,
  • The environmental benefit of 4,885 trees grown for 10 years, and
  • Priceless appreciation and recognition from the local community.

Partners in Project Green congratulates Pratt & Whitney Canada and Green Standards for their environmental commitments.

For more information on the Materials Exchange Program, contact Malaz Sebai, Project Manager for Waste Management at Partners in Project Green at or 416-661-6600, extension 5594.

To learn more about Green Standard Ltd., contact Jonathan Milnes, Manager of Business Development at or 416-598-9779.