Our Annual Report

Posted October 1, 2018

The Partners in Project Green 2017 Annual Report is now online.

A comprehensive overview of the work we do with members across Partners in Project Green’s four performance areas — water stewardship, waste management, energy performance and employee engagement — the report highlights the defining qualities of this unique public-private business model: our commitment to knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer learning, community building and creating collective impact.

Partners in Project Green members take part in sustainability initiatives

The report tabulates the combined results of our community members’ efforts in each of the performance areas, and profiles some of Partners in Project Green’s key 2017 initiatives, including the Energy Leaders Consortium, the Recycling Collection Drive and the People Power Challenge.

In addition to summing up the 2017 results, this year’s report also charts the collective impact that Partners in Project Green members have made over the past five years. Among the highlights:

greenhouse gas graphic
Tonnes eCO2 reduced annually
water stewardship graphic
Billion litres of water offset annually
waste diversion graphic
Tonnes of waste diverted
Partners in Project Green membership icon
Members engaged


As Co-Chairs John Coyne and Hillary Marshall noted in their introductory letter: “Through the overarching Partners in Project Green banner, diverse industries, municipalities and other not-for profit organizations come together to achieve more as a group then they could as individuals.”