Member Discount from WMC Water Management

Posted September 23, 2019

Are you a PPG member looking to identify and implement water-saving projects to lower operating costs and reduce the environmental impact of your facilities? From now until November 1, WMC is offering a 20% discount on any engineering, consulting and administration services required to take advantage of the following financial incentives:

1.) Water Audits and Capacity Buyback Programs
Toronto, Peel and York regions offer Capacity Buyback Programs for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional clients purchasing water from the City. These programs include a free facility audit to identify and quantify water savings opportunities through equipment retrofits and process changes. Financial incentives vary but typically include a one-time rebate for water savings, based on the average volume of water saved per day from implementing the project. As an example, the Region of Peel provides $0.75/L/day saved for water savings retrofits, and $2/L for water re-use projects (ie. Grey water systems).

2.) Wastewater Abatement Rebate Programs
Toronto, Hamilton and Peel regions offer facilities an incentive to reduce their overall discharge of water to the sanitary sewer system. Rebates vary in eligibility criteria but are generally available to facilities who can prove that they divert a significant percentage of water from drain. Examples of diversion can include evaporation from cooling towers and humidification equipment, as well as water captured in manufactured products. These programs provide an ongoing rebate based on the percentage of water diverted from the sanitary system. Below is an example of possible savings:

A facility in Toronto consumed 25,000m3 of water over the course of one year. 8400m3 was diverted from sanitary drain through cooling tower evaporation, equating to a 33.6% diversion rate.

25,000m3 x 3.9549 $/m3 x 57% (wastewater portion of water rate) x 33.6% diversion
= $18,936 annual rebate

WMC Discount

3.) Industrial Water Rate Program
Within the City of Toronto, facilities that use more than 5,000m3 of water and that fall within the industrial property tax class are eligible to receive a discounted water rate provided they implement a comprehensive water conservation plan. This applies to all water consumed over 5,000 m3, and is at a 30% discounted rate. See below for an example of possible savings for a facility consuming 25,000 m3 per year.

Member Discount Information

WMC is excited to offer their services to fellow Partners in Project Green members to assist facilities in determining which incentive programs they are eligible for, and to provide guidance through the application and implementation process. Until November 1st, 2019, WMC will extend a 20% discount for any engineering services required to complete applications for the above programs.

For more information and to learn more about these programs, contact or book a free survey through the WMC website at