Material Exchange Helps GTA Businesses Divert Waste from Landfill

Posted May 29, 2018

Material Exchange logoFirst launched in 2012, Material Exchange facilitates the exchange of material between businesses and non-profit organizations to divert waste from landfill, support local communities, and move towards a circular economy. Material Exchange has diverted over 15,000 tonnes from landfill through peer to peer exchanges.

Providing non-profit organizations with valuable resources
Partners in Project Green has made some exciting changes to Material Exchange to help increase diversion from landfill. We are pleased to announce that Material Exchange will be focusing on diverting unwanted waste streams to non-profit organizations for re-distribution into local communities. Many success stories have come through exchanges where material is donated to non-profits for re-use, allowing them to save procurement costs and access more resources.

Businesses save disposal costs, waste is diverted, and local communities receive support. These types of exchanges touch on all three pillars of sustainability and embody the circular economy.

To date, Material Exchange has facilitated over 300 exchanges, and helped ensure that over $625,000 of material has been donated to non-profit organizations for re-use.

Picture of Region of Peel Collection

Region of Peel diverts 2.3 tonnes of household goods to Oasis Clothing Bank.

Providing Partners in Project Green members with support

Partners in Project Green will be providing more direct support to members to divert waste to non-profits and support local communities. Material Exchange is simple and easy to use.  Members can now simply:

    • Connect with non-profit organizations and recyclers
    • Exchange the material to divert it from landfill
    • Profile your success stories

You never know what can be reused. Tell us about all your waste streams, and we will find a home for your material. If the material cannot be reused, we will help ensure your material is recycled.

Divert waste to non-profit organizations and develop your very own circular economy success story at!

If you are a non-profit organization or recycler looking to accept material, you can participate by registering with us for free.

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