Toronto Zoo – What to do with a Zoo’s Bamboo?

Posted April 28, 2017

When a pair of giant pandas came from China to the Toronto Zoo in 2013, they caused a rock star frenzy. We learned about their lives, habits, and diets. The Toronto Zoo soon discovered they had a waste problem, uneaten bamboo stalks by the pandas that were piling up, ultimately ending up at a landfill.

Because it takes so long for bamboo to decompose, our industrial composters won’t accept it.” explained Nia Gibson, Coordinator of Education for Sustainable Development Programs at the Toronto Zoo.

Enter Partners in Project Green’s Material Exchange, who found a way to re-purpose unused bamboo in innovative ways, and matching the Toronto Zoo with unexpected partners. “Our partnership has been great. Before we were sending 100% to landfill, and now we are diverting 100% of our bamboo” said Gibson.

Watch our video to learn more about Toronto Zoo’s journey to become the first zoo in North America to divert bamboo, and what happens with the bamboo now.

Partners in Project Green thanks all the partners that came together to promote the circular economy and put our panda bamboo to good use! To create your own circular economy story, visit today!