Etobicoke Creek Trail to be Extended Through Airport

Posted June 16, 2008

As part of the trail construction, TRCA will work with the City of Mississauga and businesses neighbouring the Etobicoke Creek valley, to complete a number of restoration initiatives, including streambank stabilization, wetland creation and riparian tree plantings, all with the goal of improving local water quality and offering an enhanced recreational experience for trail users.

For those looking for a place to park and begin their journey through the new trail system, TRCA and the City of Mississauga will be constructing a green parking lot at the corner of Courtney Park Drive and Britannia Road on GTAA property. To green the parking lot, TRCA will be utilizing permeable parking surfaces (ie. permeable concrete), drought resistance native plants and vegetated bioswales, to treat stormwater runoff. Monitoring will be completed by TRCA and shared with local businesses to get a better understanding of how these technologies can be deployed in the industrial areas surrounding Toronto Pearson.

Construction on the Etobicoke Creek trail and the green parking lot is expected to begin this fall.