Bentall Kennedy Releases 2018 Corporate Responsibility Summary

Posted August 8, 2018

Longtime Partners in Project Green Member, Bentall Kennedy has recently released their 2018 Corporate Responsibility Summary. Michelle Brown, Vice President – Property Management, Bentall Kennedy and Partners in Project Green Waste Committee Chair explains “we value our partnership with Partners in Project Green to operationalize sustainability across our properties. At Bentall Kennedy, we believe in investing soundly + sustainably. Bentall Kennedy aspires to build economic value and strengthen the sustainability of the communities where we invest. Through sustained effort and commitment, we deliver enhanced environmental, social and governance results that encourage a sustainable way of doing business – and of living.”

Gary Whitelaw, Chief Executive Officer of Bentall Kennedy Group describes how Bentall Kennedy has woven economic prosperity and sustainability to maximize impact. “Simply put, tenants and residents are choosing to live, work and play in built environments that deliver sustainable and socially responsible features. Lower energy and water consumption as well as a focus on waste reduction and management strategies are the outcomes we strive to achieve. These efforts are powered by data analytics that are giving us a clearer view and course of action to achieve better financial returns and enhanced tenant satisfaction.

This philosophy is proudly adopted across all business units at Bentall Kennedy so that our teams are aligned in cause by this dual definition of what it means to be sustainable. Our employees have embraced the challenge of generating greater value for the assets we invest in and manage for our clients by making our buildings exemplars of environmental and operational efficiency in the global real estate industry. The results, as you’ll see within the pages of this report, offer a powerful proof point for how a more climate-prepared and resilient built environment can deliver meaningful advances to a world challenged by the effects of climate change.

Our clients understand that real estate is dependent on social sustainability to foster the right conditions for progress. Our ForeverGreen Tenant Engagement program operates at the forefront of our tenant/resident communities to deliver a cleaner, healthier and more cost-efficient way of life. Our employees have also made this business ethos a personal endeavour. In 2017, employees donated their time and resources to 81 non-profit community service organizations across North America.

This is how sustainability — in a business context — recognizes the importance of delivering financial value to clients through focused execution, while simultaneously enhancing environmental and social performance.” – Section of the 2018 Corporate Responsibility Summary.

Click here to read Bentall Kennedy’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Summary.