Ash Tree Repurposing: City of Toronto is First Municipality to Step Up!

Posted January 28, 2015

Municipalities and property management firms alike are facing a challenge. Disposing of thousands of infested Ash trees as a result of the increase spread of Emerald Ash Borer. Looking to lower costs and improve environmental responsibility, the City of Toronto launched a project in January 2015 at its Nashdene Public Works yard, where hundreds of trees were repurposed.

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As noted in a recent article, “crews contracted by the city cut down 20,000 city trees last year, including 13,000 ash trees. Once the logs get there, contractors grind them into woodchips, which costs $8 a tonne. The contractor uses some wood chips for mulch. Often the city pays another $100 a tonne for haulers to take the chips to landfill.”

The City of Toronto’s Green Economy Division are looking to demonstrate that trees are a valuable resource and not a waste and expense. “We have an initiative to try to utilize all the trees coming down. What we’re planning to do is show how much we can actually produce as a pilot project and then provide that wood to various companies.” said Rob McMonagle, Senior Advisor in the City of Toronto’s Green Economy Division.

The City of Toronto teamed up with Partners in Project Green members, Sawmill Sid, Weston Forest Products and Torxx Group to run the ash tree repurposing pilot project. Several municipalities and media were present during a showcase on January 14th demonstrating that repurposing trees is a viable economic and environmental solution.

ash tree repurposing at Nashdene Public Works yard ash tree repurposing at Nashdene Public Works yard

Click here to view two videos from the Nashdene project:


Are you looking to repurpose dying ash trees? You can lower your costs and increase your environmental results.

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ash tree repurposing at Nashdene Public Works yard