Dextran Products Ltd.: Water Stewardship

Posted August 5, 2016

Dextran Product Ltd., a Scarborough-based manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, has extended its commitment to sustainability by installing a variety of process water and wastewater retrofits to reduce their operational water footprint.  The project was started in November 2015 and was completed in April 2016, with a capital expenditure of approximately $80,000.  Through this capital retrofit project, Dextran Products Ltd. is positioned to save approximately 21,604 cubic metres of water per year with a projected annual savings of $52,767.

Dextran Products Ltd. elected to work with Partners in Project Green and Eco-Solution Provider Enviro-Stewards in designing and implementing this water stewardship retrofit project.  Conceptually, Dextran Products Ltd. agreed to pursue this project to combat rising costs of their water bills, maintain regulatory compliance requirements with the City of Toronto, and promote being a greener and more socially responsible company.

“I always knew it was possible to save water, but it took the support of Partners in Project Green to see how easy it was and how much money we could save.” – George Usher, President – Dextran Products Ltd.

This was the first completed capital project supported by Partners in Project Green’s Innovative Water Technologies program.