Aslan Technologies: Water Stewardship

Posted September 20, 2016

Aslan Technologies has been engaged in multiple development projects by progressive communities and developers in North America to provide integrated water treatment solutions to several golf courses re-developments.

With ongoing population growth and urbanization, increase in the development of new residential houses, private properties and recreational facilities outside the city boundaries, has created a need in new sustainable water management approaches. Many existing green belts, farm lands and golf courses are being developed with limits to resources to draw from and therefore, these developments have to come up with innovative solutions to their various constraints and sustainability challenges. In particular, golf courses face resource constraints related to irrigation, land footprint and isolation from municipal systems. In some instances, their locations are close to precious natural features, making growth and resource management a larger challenge.

One particular challenge involves water management on golf courses and multi-use properties where residential developments are combined. In these instances, the courses are not able to withdraw from a municipal water supply system as it is not feasible economically to be connected via piping. This type of growth and multi-use development has become increasingly more common and popular in the larger cities where the land value appreciation has created a financial incentive for the development. It is therefore imperative to look at ways to develop onsite and distributed neighborhood-scale approaches to water management, including drinking water supply, irrigation and wastewater treatment.


Utilizing a complete design approach, developments are able to integrate proper planning and implementation to build water systems for their respective properties. These communities are therefore able to take advantage of complete potable water treatment systems, pumping and piping systems, wastewater treatment and irrigation as their needs require. Not only do these solutions allow for compact communal drinking water filtration systems, wastewater reuse and irrigation technologies, but they help reduce the overall footprint of these communities and golf courses, which are otherwise thought to be high-volume water users and resource extractors.

These types of communal and integrated technology solutions are a best fit to integrate into their plan as it is able to filter wastewater from the community’s onsite wastewater treatment plant to be reused for advanced golf course irrigation.

“We are integrating technologies and systems that are proven to minimize any environmental impacts, in order to preserve both the natural functioning of the Moraine and its beauty” – Daniel Guizzetti, President of Empire Communities